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A word from the chef

Hidetoshi Nakamura

Every day, various ingredients arrive from Edo/Tokyo and all over Japan. Each ingredient is met with meticulous observation and the utmost care so they can be prepared true to their essence. Our dishes are vibrant and fresh, where you can taste and sense nature — from mountains to oceans to rivers and to soils to winds.

What is Myo-jyaku?

Japanese cuisine uses unique techniques and wisdom passed on from generation to generation and aims to capture the delicate changes of seasons and to seize the moment. This is thanks to our ancestors who lived here on this very land and created the distinct senses of “Iki”, ”Aware” and ”Wabi” and passed them on to us.

“Myo-jyaku-明寂“ What does 明(るい)寂(び) Akarui Sabi signify?

“Sabi” can also be written as 然び*sabi*, which means “the utmost true way matters should be”. It defines our passion to be connected to the eternal and infinite nature around us with deep calm and understanding.

This is one of the ultimate goals of the Japanese aesthetic. This, along with our ideal of “Sabi” where generosity and a calm and relaxed atmosphere go hand in hand.

Myo-jyaku Cuisine

Seasonal courses from 30,000~

Course menu with sumptuous seasonal ingredients


Wide selection of Japanese Sakes from around Japan and wines from Burgundy

Corkage fee is 10,000yen per bottle.

Consumption tax and service charges apply.


Hours 5pm to 9pm
Closed Sundays and irregular closings
Tel 050-3101-3945
Seating Eight main counter seats
Six side counter seats
Two private rooms (party of four /party of six)
Address 3-2-34-B1F,Nishiazabu,Minato-ku,Tokyo
Roppongi sta. / Hiroo sta.
Mail info@myoujyaku.com